Who Really Uses Audience Personas

We do. 

And if you want to nail down your audiences, you need to put faces to them and start to build a profile. It's a habit we've come familiar with and something we believe in.

Once we sign on with a client, we dig in deep to understand the brand. By doing that, we start to see the audiences. The picture gets clearer for us. To take it further, we give ourselves a vivid and honest of account of each audience. 


So, what are some things you might like to know? Well, what do they eat for breakfast? What do they wear to workout in? Do they eat cereal for breakfast? How do they like their coffee? What are their internet habits? Do they prefer American cars? What are their goals?

All these things and more are important. It gives us insight into who these people really are. And once we know this, we know what they're looking at, listening to, reading, watching, liking and so on.

The more in-depth, the better. I'm not telling you to spend a week on one person, but give it some thought. Understand, deeply, who your audience really is. Once you do, content marketing becomes a whole lot easier. You begin to understand what they want.

It's not magic, but it takes some listening and learning.