Content Strategy: How Often Should You Blog?

If you're familiar with inbound marketing, this question has been around awhile.

Well, according to the smart guys over at Hubspot, the answer depends on the size of your company. They have established benchmarks and how reaching those goals can influence traffic to your website.


Overall, and as expected, they found that the more blog posts per month equaled more traffic on their website. Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 - 4 monthly posts.

According to Hubspot, here's where it gets interesting: 

Companies with 1 - 10 employees: The small companies that publish 11 or more blog posts per month drive much higher traffic than companies of the same size that publish fewer than 11 blog posts. Those that published 11+ posts per month had almost 3X more traffic than companies publishing 0 - 1 monthly posts, and about 2X as much traffic as those publishing 2 - 5 monthly posts.

Companies with 11 - 25 employees and 201+ employees: Like the companies with 1 - 10 employees, companies with 11 - 25 employees saw the largest jump in traffic numbers when they published more than 11 blog posts per month. In fact, when the companies with 201 or more employees published 11+ monthly posts, they got 3.5X more traffic than those publishing 0 - 1 blog posts per month. 

Companies with 26 - 200 employees: The larger companies that published 11+ blog posts per month had a little less than 2X more traffic than those publishing 0 - 1 posts per month.

So, what's the big takeaway? Companies that focus on quality and consistent content on their blogs attract more website views and more leads. 

Next time you pass the buck on blogging, just remember that you could be costing your company sales. 

Remember, the time spent is an investment. Think compound interest.