Why Does B2C Content Get To Have All The Fun?

You know, you see all those cool B2C campaigns out there and you think, "well, I can't do that with B2B."

Actually, you can.

Perhaps it's because I come from the advertising agency side of thinking, but I'm a firm believer that all products and services can be interesting. Yes, seriously. And in my experience, B2B is one of the easier areas to break out with big ideas. 

Why? Because everyone else has already committed themselves to produce stodgy, uninteresting content that does nothing for their brand. That's the crack in the door to take your content to new heights. 

So, how? We're glad you asked. 

Look at your product. Now, look at the people who use your product or services? How are they using it? What else are they looking at? Your audience isn't always in business mode, they're real people, too. So, give them something fun. Maybe even cool. It's not about your brand being something that it's not, it's about letting down your guard and having a little fun. Check out these examples from Hubspot. 

See what I mean? Those are some serious B2B companies, but they're making a splash and having a little fun. For us, one of the biggest takeaways is to not be afraid to try something. Put your brand out there. See what happens. It's about letting your customers and your audiences see you in a different way. And content marketing is the perfect way to do it. Again, we're not telling you not to be you, but understand how you can push your brand forward.

You just might surprise yourself and your customers.