Landing Page? We Don't Need a Landing Page!

Yeah, you do, but what type?

Chances are you know what a landing page is. However, did you know there are different types? And it all depends on what you’re after.

Give and Get

In the beginning, your buyer/customer just wants to find out if you’re their solution. The name of the game is capturing their e-mail address. That’s what this page does

The reasons these pages are so effective for getting emails are:

  • They offer a lot for a little. Figure out what you can create to give them: an ebook, audit, a report or blueprint. 

  • They’re quick and easy. Squeeze pages are short and sweet. They tell you what they want and how to do it.

Lead Capture

You have their email address. Congratulations. Now you need to qualify your lead. This is where lead capture landing pages come in..

These landing pages are differentiated by a lead capture form, which solicits personal information in exchange for a lead magnet, the way your give & get page does. However, a lead capture landing pages use longer forms.

What is requested via this form is dependent on the business building it  and the information they need to qualify a lead. The shorter it is, the higher likelihood your visitor completes it. 


A long form can scare off prospects.

Enter the click-through pages. They relieve the pressure, so the elements of a landing page that make prospects uncomfortable with conversion are less stressful. These pages feature elements that instill trust in the visitor, like security badges, money-back guarantees, testimonials and comprehensive copy.

Sales Page

These are your heavy hitters, and they’re difficult to convert, so the landing page needs to be fairly intensive. Of course, the content depends highly on the value of the sale. If a product is high-commitment – expensive or a recurring subscription – a page will be longer because it will likely require more persuasive elements to get a conversion.

What Does It All Mean?

For one, you need to have your ducks in a row. A clear plan and path is the only way you’ll achieve your conversion goals.

A clean path means everything needs to line up with your branding. The landing page should be branded the same as your web pages, ads, etc.

Basically, pre-click look, feel and personality needs to match post-click look, feel and personality.