How Content Strategy Can Help You Predict The Future

Well, sorta.

The beauty of content strategy is to seeing your product or service area through the eyes of your audience. That may be the hardest part. Simple in theory, but difficult to take yourself out your brand mindset. 

It's your baby. I get it. 


When you see your brand from another vantage point, you begin to see the opportunities for great content. For example, let's say you make coffee beans. Go to google and type in "coffee beans for" and see what pops up. My guess is you'll end up with several potential content posts, ideas and videos to run with. 

"For" is nice because it gets us into the actual realm of usage. 

It's not exactly predicting the future, but it's looking at search patterns and understanding where they could go next. And it's not simply guessing.

Start down this road and your content begins to actually have worth. You're educating and talking to your audience, instead of at them. Big difference.

Huge difference. 

So, again, get outside of your day to day and begin to see your offering from your audience's view. I bet it will change the way you're looking at content, and make you realize how one- or two dimensional your website was, to begin with.