So, How Do I Blog That Much?

Well, there's no easy answer.

You just gotta do it. 

Like your brand, it takes consistency. So, to get those 11+ blog posts a month, you need a plan. And you need a devoted partner to help facilitate the strategy and actual pen to paper. Of course, that's easier said than done. 

Why a partner? Well, if you're a small business owner, you usually don't have the time or person to spare. To be quite honest, an outside partner has a different perspective. You're all about your business from the inside out; however, you need to be able to take an honest step back and see what's really going on. 

This takes discipline and trust.

Why? You need to have the discipline to be able to know what you don't know, and the trust to put the responsibility into the correct hands. 

So, to increase your blogging to where it really helps your website rank and search, you've got to consistently blog. If you can spare an employee to make it happen, go for it. If not, the best solution is to get with an outside partner who understands your brand, content marketing and most importantly, your audience. 

There's no better time to get started than today.