What Mom Never Told You About Content Consistency

There's this word that keeps popping up in content marketing. It's called (drum roll) ... consistency. 

Your mom told you all about moderation. Everything in moderation. Well, consistency rings true in a lot of different avenues. And especially with content marketing. Bet your mom didn't tell you that one.

Ok, so, dumb question: how much is the right consistency? Are we to be consistently consistent?

Consistency comes down to the channel. Some require more than others. So, let's take a look.


Consistency Is Expected - blog posts, newsletters, social media and podcasts. These are items that your audience is expecting to see with great frequency.

Consistency Not Required - videos, white paper, ebooks, webinars and infographics. We don't want to overwhelm our audience with these things, but they're not to drop in when/where appropriate. 

Consistency Not Critical - events, games, guests. These are nice to have. Give your content marketing some variety. Again, not super important, but good to have in there every so often.

So, are you doing this right? There's not secret ratio when it comes to content marketing, but there are some common sense markers. The above markers are just the start. Play around with what works for you and go from there. Of course, it all comes down to what your audience needs and/or is looking for.