5 Facts About Social Media That Will Keep You Up at Night

Everything these days needs a strategy.

Social is no different. 

While the beauty of social is how easily your message can be pushed out, the goal is awareness, generate new leads and drive people to your website. 

Social is a very important part of your overall content marketing. Of course, you'll need to know which social media channel brings the best engagement. And that comes down to knowing your audience.


While each has its own virtues, below are five stats we picked up from our friends over at Sprout Social:

1. Facebook - Around 76% of adults online use Facebook, and since Facebook Live hit the scene, the platform is up 700% in video views.

2. Pinterest - 33% of adult internet users are on Pinterest, but the platform appeals more to women than men. 

3. Twitter - There are 319 million active users on Twitter. And if your company is on the move, you're in luck. About 80% of Twitter usage is mobile.

4. LinkedIn - When it comes to B2B social media platform, LinkedIn is it. The network has members across 200 countries and is perfect for B2B businesses or personal brands looking for growth.

5. Instagram - Instagram boasts 800 million users. Millenials love it, as well as those who love visuals. 

Once you have your social goals lined up with your business goals, it's all about finding the right network to broadcast your messages. And lucky for us, there seems to be a social platform for just about every segment. 

Ok, now it's up to you to find your brand voice and tell a story. After all, that's what we're talking about. 

Can't sleep now, huh? Did I get you thinking about your content creative process? My bad. 

Guess you could always take the time to look at your social media strategy and give it that much needed overhaul.